Scrap Metal Yards near Four Marks East Hampshire District, Hampshire, England

Do you happen to be the possessor of an abandoned auto that hasn't been on UK roads in a long time? Maybe your garage or basement is filled with unwanted metal junk occupying precious space? Maybe it's about time to dispose of all this clutter and at the same time earn a few pounds if possible. Underneath this paragraph and the following ones, we are going to present you the best scrap metal recycling centers close to Four Marks, where you can discard your scrap or even schedule for collection at your convenience.

Most valued Four Marks Scrap Metal Yards

The list that you’ll locate below this text shows the most known scrap metal recycling centers which you can contact and do business near Four Marks. However, if you are aimed to locate a specific center or the one nearest to your placement, we recommend that you keep scrolling down.

EMR Portsmouth
EMR Portsmouth

Dundas Spur, Copnor, Portsmouth PO3 5NX

Scrap metal dealerOpen now 19.7 miles

The finest approach to obtain large amounts of money by selling used parts from your auto is by visiting a scrap mtal yard, and this is an excellent choice in the Portsmouth surroundings. The EMR Portsmouth is open from Monday to Saturday.Other users have shared 17 reviews about this scrap yard.

Scrap Car Portsmouth
Scrap Car Portsmouth

London Rd, North End, Portsmouth PO2 0LN

Scrap metal dealerOpen now 20 miles

They offer a very specialized and competent service at lower prices, with an excellent breadth of catalog and with the guarantees requested by its clients. You can meet this business close to the municipality of Portsmouth (United Kingdom). They work from Monday to Sunday.

Scrap Car Basingstoke
Scrap Car Basingstoke

Chineham Business Park, Pinewood, Basingstoke RG24 8AL

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 13.1 miles

This scrap metal yard is situated near Basingstoke (United Kingdom) and it's offering the best quality scrap metal to its eventual customers in the proximity. In case you want to request a valuation for your used car in order to market its scrap metal for pounds, please contact them using phone and website.

Scrap Car Clanfield Portsmouth
Scrap Car Clanfield Portsmouth

26 Wessex Rd, Waterlooville PO8 0HS

Scrap metal dealerOpen now 12 miles

The finest method to get large amounts of money by selling old parts from your auto is by visiting a breaker yard, and this is a great option in the Waterlooville area. Additional information: They work from Monday to Sunday.

MJ Scrap Metal Services
MJ Scrap Metal Services

86 Palm Rd, Southampton SO16 5HF

Scrap metal dealerOpen now 20.9 miles

Situated in the surroundings of Southampton (United Kingdom), this business focuses in offering high-quality car parts to buyers in the region. If you seek to obtain an appraisal for your pre-owned auto and dispose of its scrap material for a fair cost, you can readily get in touch with them using: website and phone.

Mjp Scrap Metal Service
Mjp Scrap Metal Service

Unit 3a, Emsworth Rd, Shirley, Southampton SO15 3LX

Scrap metal dealerOpen now 21.2 miles

Situated in the vicinity of Southampton (United Kingdom), this establishment dedicates in supplying high-quality vehicle parts to customers in the locale. If you are looking to obtain an appraisal for your used auto and trade its scrap material for a good amount, you can readily contact them by: website and phone.

Scrap Car UK
Scrap Car UK

Hylton Rd, Petersfield GU32 3JY

Breaker yardOpen now 8.3 miles

Customers can find this business in the vicinity of the town of Petersfield (United Kingdom). Its fundamental business model is the distribution of auto parts at the lowest prices in the surroundings and with all the guarantees that you may expect. In case you want to contact them, you can do it this way: phone.

SC Car Scrap
SC Car Scrap

Normandy Business Park, Cobbett Hill Rd, Normandy, Guildford GU3 2AA

Breaker yardOpen now 20.5 miles

Do you have an old vehicle that is no longer able to move on the roads and are you looking to obtain a few money for the metal of its chassis and accessories? We recommend to approach this scrap yard, since it is likely that they may be interested in your car. They work from Monday to Saturday.

Scrap My Car Southampton
Scrap My Car Southampton

152 Milton Rd, Southampton SO15 2HW

Scrap metal dealerOpen now 20.8 miles

Residents of the Southampton area can purchase a huge catalog of second-hand parts in this scrap metal yard. You can get in touch with them via: website and phone. The Scrap My Car Southampton is open Monday to Sunday.

Car and Metal Recyclers
Car and Metal Recyclers

Hollybush Industrial Estate, Hollybush Ln, Aldershot GU11 2PX

Salvage yardOpen now 17.3 miles

They offer a very specialized and competent service at lower prices, with a huge variety of inventory and with the warranties demanded by its clients. Users can find this scrap yard in the city of Aldershot (United Kingdom). The Car and Metal Recyclers is open from Monday to Friday.

Purchase scrap metal yards near Four Marks

Do you own a motorbike, a car or a van and are you looking for breaker yards that can sell you valid spares for your vehicle? You may be interested in optimizing your search a little more by accessing the different categories that we provide. In this way, you will make sure that you contact a breaker yard that has the variety of spares you are looking for.

Find vehicle scrap metal yards in neighboring areas

We think that you may also be interested in contacting scrap metal recycling centers that are outside the urban center of large locations. We refer to these outlying surrounding areas, where thousands of residents also live and where it is possible to get or market your metal. Here is a list of the neighborhoods closest to Four Marks.

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