Scrap Yards & Car Breakers close to St. Dominick Cornwall, England

Identifying a reliable auto breaker who can offer you with competitive prices for high-quality used spare parts for your vehicle is not always an effortless task. In the same way, locating a business who takes responsibility for picking up your vehicle, which is no longer roadworthy in St. Dominick, and provides a satisfactory sum for it can be a challenging task. On this page, we aim to address these difficulties and extend our support, whether you are keen in selling or buying.

Most valued St. Dominick Scrap Yards & Breakers

The list provided below consolidates the top breaker yards that you can get in touch with and carry out transactions within St. Dominick. Nevertheless, if you wish to find a specific business or the one that is in close proximity to your location, we advise you to keep browsing further below.

Rundles Scrap Yard
Rundles Scrap Yard

Redmoor Rd, Kelly Bray, Callington PL17 8EJ

Scrap metal dealerClosed now

Save a significant amount of money on taking care of your beloved auto by purchasing pre-owned spare-parts with guarantee in this prominent in the neighborhood of St. Dominick auto breaker. They're open Monday to Friday.

Rundle's Dismantlers
Rundle's Dismantlers

Redmoor Rd, Ho Chi Minh City, Callington PL17 8EJ

Car breakersClosed now

Situated in vicinity to St. Dominick, this establishment operates in the vicinity, delivering premium spare parts for vehicles to its potential customers. In case you require a quote for your used vehicle or have a specific inquiry regarding pre-owned parts, you have the option to contact them via their phone.

Cliff Mennell Scrap Cars
Cliff Mennell Scrap Cars

18 Daucus Cl, Tavistock PL19 8DN

Breaker yardClosed now 6.3 miles

Located close to Tavistock, this breaker yard provides a specialized and competent service to its purchasers, providing considerable deals combined with unparalleled superiority and an extensive range of inventory. To get in touch with them, you have the option of using phone as mean(s) of contact.

Scrap Local Scrap Car Cornwall
Scrap Local Scrap Car Cornwall

Saigon, Redmoor Rd, Kelly Bray, Callington PL17 8EJ

Breaker yardClosed now

Close to St. Dominick, this company operates with the purpose of providing top-notch vehicle spare parts for cars to its future customers in the surrounding vicinity. If you have a pre-owned vehicle that requires a quotation or if you need to inquire about particular used parts, you can conveniently contact them via their website...

Breakwater Breakers
Breakwater Breakers

1 Marine Cottages, Coxside, Plymouth PL4 0NA

Car breakersClosed now 10.1 miles

In the St. Dominick neighborhood, this prominent breaker yard offers an excellent chance to reduce substantial savings on the car maintenance costs by opting for pre-owned parts with warranty. They work from Monday to Saturday.

SWM & Waste Recycling Limited
SWM & Waste Recycling Limited

Walls End Industrial Estate, Cattedown Rd, Plymouth PL4 0RW

Breaker yardClosed now 10.4 miles

Habitants of the Plymouth surroundings can check an extensive inventory of used pieces for their autos in this scrap yard. You can get in touch with them using: phone and website. They work from Monday to Saturday.

Jay's Scrapyard & Waste Management
Jay's Scrapyard & Waste Management

181 Rendle St, Stonehouse, Plymouth PL1 1TP

Breaker yardClosed now 9.2 miles

The perfect approach to economize hundreds of pounds on second-hand pieces for your vehicle is by contacting a scrap yard, and this is an excellent option in the Plymouth neighborhood. Jay's Scrapyard & Waste Management is open from Monday to Saturday.

Scotts Scrap Metal
Scotts Scrap Metal

20 Walkham Business Park, Burrington Industrial Estate, Plymouth PL5 3LS

Breaker yardClosed now 7.1 miles

Located in proximity to St. Dominick, this business operates in the vicinity, delivering top-notch vehicle spare parts for vehicles to its potential customers. If you want an estimate for your pre-owned vehicle or have a specific inquiry regarding pre-owned parts, you have the option to contact them via their website or phone.

Cleanspares Plymouth Ltd
Cleanspares Plymouth Ltd

64a Valley Rd, Plympton, Plymouth PL7 1RF

Salvage yardClosed now 10.7 miles

You can get in touch with the welcoming managers of this scrap yard by these methods: website or phone. In order to acquire the best quality vehicle spare-parts in the town of Plymouth (United Kingdom), they are an ineludible choice. Cleanspares Plymouth Ltd is open Monday to Saturday.


46 Union St, Stonehouse, Plymouth PL1 3EY

Car breakersOpen now 9.3 miles

In the proximity of St. Dominick, this establishment is focused on the distribution of high-quality spare parts for vehicles to its customers in the nearby area. If you are in need of a quotation for your pre-owned vehicle or have a specific request for a pre-owned part, you can easily contact them via phone.

Find scrap yard second-hand parts near St. Dominick

Do you have a motorbike, a truck or a van and are you looking for auto breakers that can provide you specific spares for your vehicle? You may be interested in optimizing your search a little more by accessing the different categories that we deliver. In this way, you will make sure that you call a auto breaker that has the variety of spares you are looking for.

Scrap yards & car breakers in St. Dominick by town, municipality, district or neighborhood

Surely you are looking for auto breakers in a specific municipality or in its surroundings. Under this paragraph you will locate a list with some of the most prominent cities in St. Dominick where this type of business can be located. If the city you are looking for is not displayed, click the "See more" link to check the complete list.

Find scrap yards in neighboring areas

We think that you could also be aimed to finding scrap yards that are in the outer limits of the urban center of large municipalities. We are referring to these outlying surrounding areas, where millions of population also live and where it is possible to get very good scrap pieces for your auto. Here is a list of the neighborhoods closest to St. Dominick.

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