is a directory that aims to gather all the contact information of the scrap yards in the United States in one place. Our greatest motivation and narrow the existing gap between customers and businesses. To achieve this end, our website tries to:

  • Simplify greatly the search process for nearby junk yards and save the user time.
  • Offer an efficient search service for used parts and junk vehicles.
  • Help the businesses to gain visibility on the internet and contact potential customers.

Who is the website for?

Our directory is designed both for users looking for second-hand parts and for scrap yards and professional mechanical workshops that need to buy spare parts and need to save part of their valuable time, but without giving up on finding good discounts. We also go to vehicle scrap yards that want to be known in the digial environment and get their services, while connecting directly with potential customers through our platform.

How does the junk vehicle search engine work?

The purpose of this tool is to simplify the purchase and sale of scrap parts and cars, helping both parties to contact each other:

  1. Users access our specialized search engine and search for the vehicle make and model they are interested in.
  2. They review the different offers in their area.
  3. They contact the seller directly and make their offer.

All this without intervention on our part. Our sole purpose is to put the means of communication between buyer and seller. From that first contact, both parties can agree on how to close the deal.

Likewise, users can contact directly with the breakers yards in their area using our contact information to request a valuation of their used car or the parts they intend to sell.

What are the advantages of your parts search engine?

Our parts finder has the largest offer in new parts for cars and motorcycles, which greatly simplifies the search process when we can not find what we are looking for in a scrap yards of our area. On the other hand, this search engine usually offers great discounts in a great variety of manufacturers and models, so the prices will not be so different from what we can obtain for a piece used in a junk yard.

What advantages do users obtain on our website with respect to the competition?

Our directory revolves around the user and his need for information. These are some of the things that differentiate us:

  • Great time saving: in a few clicks you will get to a list of all the scrap yards you can find in your area. You just have to access their contact information and call or send an email before going in person.
  • A help to your pocket: do not forget that the parts and accessories of used vehicles can be 80% cheaper than those purchased at an official dealer.
  • Always with guarantee: the used parts are checked by the breakers yards before putting them on sale and, in general, they have associated a guarantee of use that protects you in case of failure.
  • Fully informed: during your stay on our website you will find various information modules and FAQs where we give you the keys to get the most out of your used vehicle, how to get the right piece in the scrap yard, what guarantees you must ask... and much more.

To conclude, the search for scrap yards and spare parts at helps you save a lot of time and money, without neglecting the guarantees. We are here to assit you, how can we help you? Contact us