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The scrap metal market in the UK is estimated to be approaching £11 billion a year (2021). At the same time, 420,000 tons of scrap metal are processed in our country annually. One thing that characterizes the scrap metal industry is that metal market prices are constantly rising and falling, so you need a surefire way to get the best possible price for your metal. This is where we think we can help you.

You can click on one of the UK countries to your right to quickly access the Scrap Metal Yards closest to your location. Keep in mind that our directory tries to keep up to date, always providing the most truthful and accurate information, but if you detect any inaccuracies, do not forget that you can communicate it to us so that we can solve the problem as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have a vehicle to scrap but you are not very clear where to start and you have many questions in your head. Well, you are in the right place, as here we have gathered the most frequently asked questions from uk.salvage-parts.com users.

Strange as it sounds, it takes a lot less energy to recycle metal than to extract, purify, or even shape it. From an ecological point of view, recycling metals can also help preserve valuable natural resources and reduce pollution.

The same thing happens with metal as with many other basic products and raw materials, they constantly change depending on supply and demand and of course on production costs.

Its final price depends on the type of metal and other issues, such as: location, time of year, demand or market price.

We have good news for you, as most metals can be recycled today. Companies that specialize in buying metals tend to purchase ferrous metals of any grade, including carbon steels used in heavy engineering, as well as mild ones of lighter gauge. Other types of metal that can be recycled are: aluminum, steel, copper, tin, iron, brass, and bronze.

If you have metal to dispose of at any of the recyclers listed on our website, don’t forget that you must present an identity document in order to receive your payment. Generally accepted forms of identity usually include a driver’s license, a UK passport or another passport of any other nationality, although an official national identity card may also work for you.

It is important to know that scrap metals, such as copper, steel, brass, aluminum or iron can be reused for the manufacture of a large number of new everyday objects, such as:

  • Manufacture of vehicles and airplanes
  • Metal containers
  • Construction of bridges and roads
  • Furniture and accessories
  • New and stronger metals

Of course. Recycling centers that have a license from the Environmental Agency for the treatment of hazardous waste, such as lead-acid batteries for all types of vehicles, can take over this work.

Recommended Scrap Metal Yards in UK

We offer you the UK’s largest scrap metal directory, with hundreds of businesses where you can take your scrap for recycling for a good few pounds. Take advantage of all the power of our free search engine or access the lists of partner centers until you find the one that interests you the most. Under this paragraph you will be able to see a list that contains the most relevant metal recycling centers in our database, those especially recommended for their customer service or the prices they offer for scrap metal.

1st choice breakers ltd

Bone Mill Ln, Wolverhampton WV1 1PU

Scrap metal dealerOpen now

Positioned in the area of Wolverhampton (United Kingdom), this shop dedicates in supplying top-notch car parts to clients in the region. If you are looking to acquire an assessment for your second-hand...

Gordon Grove Metal Company

439 Wickwood St, London SE5 9DW

Scrap metal dealerOpen now

Located close to London (United Kingdom), this company specialises in providing premium automotive components to customers within the vicinity. If you're interested in obtaining an estimate for your...

SCRAP METAL Merchant In Warrington

Sterling Metals, Palatine Ind Est, Causeway Ave, Warrington WA4 6QQ

Scrap metal dealerOpen now

Positioned near Warrington (United Kingdom), this enterprise specialises in offering top-notch car components to buyers in the vicinity. If you're interested in acquiring an estimate for your pre-owned...

Ferguson Recyclers Scrap Metal

17 Middleton Old Rd, Manchester M9 8DS

Scrap metal dealerOpen now

The finest way to get hundreds of pounds by marketing second-hand pieces from your car is by visiting a breaker yard, and this is a great option in the Manchester area. The Ferguson Recyclers Scrap Metal...

Benfleet Scrap Co Basildon

Caxton House, Ind Estate, Harvey Rd, Burnt Mills Rd, Burnt Mills Industrial Estate, Basildon SS13 1QJ

Scrap metal dealerOpen now

Located close to Basildon (United Kingdom), this company focuses in providing premium automotive components to customers within the vicinity. If you're curious in obtaining a valuation for your pre-owned...

Gillett's recycling scrap man

93 Gilt Hill, Kimberley, Nottingham NG16 2HR

Scrap metal dealerOpen now

Do you own an old auto that is no longer able to circulate and are you looking to get a few pounds for the metal of its chassis and components? We recommend a visit to this scrap yard, since it is likely...

Abc Auto Salvage

8 Dudley Rd E, Tividale, Oldbury B69 3HJ

Salvage yardOpen now

You will be able to get in touch with the helpful managers of this business by these methods: phone. In order to purchase the best quality vehicle pieces in the town of Oldbury (United Kingdom), they’re...

Car and Metal Recyclers

Hollybush Industrial Estate, Hollybush Ln, Aldershot GU11 2PX

Salvage yardOpen now

They offer a very specialized and competent service at lower prices, with a huge variety of inventory and with the warranties demanded by its clients. Users can find this scrap yard in the city of Aldershot...