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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a type of license that you will need if you transport any type of waste product, such as scrap cars, used motorcycles or junk trucks. It is important that you ask if the scrap yard where you are going to take your vehicle has this license, in this way you will be sure that you will drive according to the regulations of the United Kingdom’s Environment Agency.

Of course, you can reclaim unused road rights after you scrap your vehicle, as it will no longer be on the road. To get this refund, you must contact the DVLA either by post, phone or using their website.

Usually there are no problems with this. UK salvage yards can salvage cars, motorcycles or trucks with plates from other countries. The only requirement is to inform the governing body of the country where the vehicle comes from.

It does not pose any additional problem. The scrap yard where you take your vehicle will issue you a Certificate of Destruction (COD), although it is advisable to inform them before the collection so that they can prepare it properly.

You should be aware that it is the owner’s responsibility to inform the DVLA that they have sold their vehicle for scrap. The simplest method of achieving this is by completing Section 9 of the V5C logbook document. Surely the scrap yard staff will be happy to lend you a hand with this procedure.

The value of scrap metal and auto parts generally changes based on current market prices. Therefore, a generic answer cannot be given in this regard. We recommend that you inquiry the metal prices with the salvage yards in your area and compare prices to see which one can get the maximum amount for your vehicle.

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