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As is well known, nobody likes to pay an extra price for anything, we all try to save and get the best possible prices for our purchases. The same goes for van parts, which will always be cheaper when we buy them from an authorized scrap yard with the necessary guarantees. Parts purchased from a van breaker can be of very similar quality to new parts purchased from an official supplier, but at a very significant price discount.

Anyone can be equipped with a toolbox and approach any of the businesses that can be found on our website, where used parts are offered for any current make and model. Remember also that a used van part prevents landfills from filling up, reduces the consumption of raw materials and energy to produce a new part. Scrap yards, while often considered dirty and destructive to the environment, are just the opposite, the exact definition of green.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, so you probably have a van to scrap... or maybe you are just looking to save some money by buying second-hand parts at a specialized junkyard, but you really don’t know where to start. Well, maybe we can help you with these frequently asked questions from our users, take a look!

No problem! It is common in the UK for scrap yards to pick up used vans at your doorstep at no cost to you. However, keep in mind that it is essential that the pick-up location is easily accessible by the vehicle that is going to make it. Also, do not forget that the scrap yard cannot go to the scene of the accident if this happens, you must first request assistance from your insurance company.

First of all, you must be very clear that there are various aspects that have to do with the final price that you can get for your van for scrapping. A key factor is the overall condition of the vehicle, the number of parts it may require to get back on the road, and the overall performance of the engine. Typically, scrap yards will ask you to thoroughly review the general condition of your van when looking for quotes. As you can imagine, the amount you will receive in the end will depend mainly on a visual inspection by a mechanic and the possible tests that are carried out.

The process of scrapping a van is less complicated than you might expect. However, this does not relieve you of the responsibility of gathering some documents that you must deliver to the scrap yard at the time of delivery of your vehicle. These documents are generally:

  • V5C registration certificate
  • Service history
  • Owner’s manual and book
In case you do not have the V5C document, you will still be able to dispose of your van. Instead of giving this document to the DVLA, you have to send a letter explaining it and adding information about:
  • Make, model and license plate of the van.
  • Buyer details and date of sale.
  • Document confirming that the van has been sold for scrapping.

There is no difference between vans and any other type of vehicle in the UK when it comes to taking it to a scrapyard for recycling. It is very normal to want to dispose of a used van when it is reaching the end of its useful life or is unable to circulate properly on the roads. We recommend that you go to an Authorized Treatment Facility (also called ATF), where there are specialists capable of extracting and recycling reusable or hazardous materials. These materials will eventually be disposed of without harm to the environment or sold to other owners if they are in good condition.

Keep in mind that your priority should be locating the scrap buyer who will offer you the most pounds for your scrap van. Please take the time to review our website to directly contact various scrap yards in the area where you live to receive and compare various quotes and accept only the one that interests you the most. Once you’ve decided where to sell your van, you need to make an appointment with the buyer for inspection and delivery. As you already know, you are going to have to gather some essential documents to ensure the legality of the sale.

Featured Van Scrap Yards in the United Kingdom

Here we offer you thousands of van scrap yards where you have the possibility to buy spare parts for yours or sell it if it can no longer circulate on the roads. The quickest method of locating these scrap yards is to take full advantage of our search engine and thoroughly review the listings of companies in your area to request quotes and parts availability. Below these lines, we show you the most relevant scrap yards for vans currently in the UK.


London Rd, Suton, Wymondham NR18 9SS

Used auto parts storeClosed now

This business specialized in vans is situated in the town of Wymondham (Norfolk) and offers a very specialized and competent service to its clients, providing surprising offers but with the most outstanding...

Millfield Auto Parts

429 Lincoln Rd, Peterborough PE1 2PE

Auto parts storeClosed now

This breakers yard specialized in vans is placed near the municipality of Peterborough (United Kingdom) and provides a very specialized and qualified service to its purchasers, offering great offers but...


Belleknowes Industrial Estate, Inverkeithing KY11 1HZ

Auto parts storeClosed now

This scrap yard is placed in Inverkeithing (United Kingdom) and it's offering the best quality vehicle spare-parts to its potential customers in the area. If you...

Vaux Spares Ltd

Station Road, Odsey SG7 5RT

Auto parts storeClosed now

Do you own an old van or are you looking for used parts for your automobile? We advise you contact this business, since it provides an extensive inventory. More information: The Vaux Spares Ltd is open...

Auto Spares Kippax

Kippax, Leeds LS25 7AJ

Auto parts storeClosed now

You will be able to talk with the friendly managers of this scrap yard by these methods: website or phone. In order to purchase high quality vehicle parts in the town of Kippax (United Kingdom), they...

SYNETIQ Doncaster

Bentley Moor Ln, Adwick le Street, Doncaster DN6 7BD

Used auto parts storeClosed now

Customers can contact this scrap yard in the proximity of the city of Doncaster (United Kingdom). Its main business area is the sale of vehicle parts at the best prices in the area and with all the guarantees...

A1 Car Spares

Silver Birches, Highlands Ave, Wokingham RG41 4SP

Used auto parts storeClosed now

Residents of the Wokingham area can purchase an extensive catalog of used pieces for their vehicles in this breakers yard. You can get in touch with them using: website and phone. They're open from...



Auto parts storeClosed now

Visitors can find this scrap yard in the neighborhood of the city of Keighley (United Kingdom). Its preeminent business model is the sale of vehicle pieces at the lowest prices...


Heanor Gate Industrial Estate, Delves Road, Heanor DE75 7SJ

Auto parts storeClosed now

This scrap yard specialized in vans is located near the town of Heanor (United Kingdom) and delivers a very efficient service to its purchasers, offering attractive bargains but with the most outstanding...