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Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you are the lucky and recent owner of a classic vehicle, be it a car, a van or an SUV. You may also want to replace its parts and improve both its aesthetic appearance and its performance on the road, but you are not very clear where to start. Well, here we have gathered for you some of the most frequently asked questions that owners of classic cars in the UK usually ask themselves.

No restoration project is the same as the others. It is irrelevant that it is the same car model, since previous maintenance problems, such as rust, damage received in accidents or previous repairs have a great influence. In this industry it is often said that no two vehicles are alike and that each one has its own particular story. In some cases it can take a few weeks to restore a car, while in others it may take years.

Probably not. We are facing a very common mistake in relation to this world of automobile restoration. The reality is that it is generally impossible to buy a classic vehicle, restore it completely, and then make a profit on its sale. Therefore, it is best not to perform a restoration with a later financial motivation in mind. The usual thing is to find vehicles that require much more investment than initially foreseeable. On the other hand, the sale market is full of fake offers for classic cars that have only received temporary jobs of dubious quality to make them look restored, with dire consequences for the future buyer.

Before starting any classic vehicle restoration project, it is essential to take two factors into account: the work plan and the available budget. We recommend being realistic when establishing the budget that you are going to invest in the restoration, because it is difficult to know in advance how much you are going to pay for parts and labour. Typically, restorations take a long time, so most of the budget can end up in labour. Owners who want to save a few pounds, learn to do some simple jobs on their own.

We recommend that you be methodical and organized if you want the restoration project to come to fruition without major problems. In that sense, it is essential that you understand what are the priority tasks that you must carry out according to your initial budget. For example, priority jobs might be engine repair or body rebuilding and secondary jobs might be car repainting, which you can do at the end of the process.

It is very difficult to have an approximate figure of what a complete restoration of your classic car will cost. Each car is unique and the job is determined not only by the extent of the damage and repairs to be made, but also by the final look the owner wants to achieve.

Keep in mind that the cost of renewing the exterior paint of the vehicle will be very different, for example, to an engine change, so it is very difficult to know in advance how much it may cost.

After the initial investment in which the car’s most serious problems will be addressed, it will be possible to focus on minor modifications and that is where the final cost of the restoration can be calculated with more precision.

We are facing one of the most important tasks when inspecting a classic vehicle, since rust is the mortal enemy of this type of cars. It is normal to find some rust on a vehicle with decades of use behind it, but excess rust can be a real problem. There are three types of rust to watch out for before purchasing a classic car:

  • Superficial rust: it is the rust that appears on the surface of the paint, due to natural wear and tear and also due to the humidity of the air. You should not be overly concerned as it is fairly easy to repair and will not spread through the rest of the paint if it is fixed on time.
  • Pitted metal: what usually happens with crushed metal is that it seems to be worse than its true real state of conservation. It may be the case that holes have been created in the surface, but that it has not yet rusted through the metal. In cases like this, there are good treatments that can fix it.
  • Rusted panels: in this case we are talking about panels that have rusted and that can be very difficult to repair. The rust may even come back even if you have done a repair. As a general rule, if you can see through a metal panel, it is best to replace it directly.

As you can imagine, restoring a classic vehicle can take a lot of space and more than just your home’s garage full of junk. Of course, you will also need a wide variety of tools that also take up a large space, such as an air compressor, an impact wrench, a stripping tool, a grinder... you may even need a car lift!

Recommended Classic Cars Scrap Yards in UK

As you know, our website includes hundreds of junkyards where you can buy used parts for your classic car. The key to quickly finding what you are looking for is taking advantage of our search engine and scrolling through the business listings until you find the best option for you. Just below this paragraph we offer you a list that contains the most popular scrap yards of classic vehicles today. These are suppliers that stand out for the quality of the parts they sell, their customer service and the guarantees they offer with their parts.

Js Auto Tuning

54a Preston Rd, Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley PR6 7HH

Auto restoration serviceClosed now

The best approach to save large amounts of money on used parts for your classic auto is by contacting a breaker yard, and this is an excellent option in the Chorley area. They work from Monday to Friday...

RO Performance

No 1, Wellington Cement Works, Dalton St, Bury BL8 2RS

Auto restoration serviceClosed now

This scrap yard is located in Bury (United Kingdom) and it's offering high quality classic auto parts to its potential clients in the proximity. If you want to request an estimation for your used...

Sussex Classic MG Parts

Huffwood Trading Estate, Partridge Green RH13 8AU

Classic car parts supplierClosed now

Do you have an old classic car or are you immersed in the search for used spare-parts for your classic automobile? We advise you to approach this breakers yard, since it offers an inmense inventory. Sussex...

The Wheel Specialist

16 John Baker Close Llantarnam Industrial Estate, Cwmbran NP44 3AX

Auto restoration serviceClosed now

In case you own an vintage car or find yourself fully immersed in the hunt for pre-owned parts for it, we advise reaching out to this breakers yard, which boasts an wide-ranging stock. The Wheel Specialist...

The MX5 Restorer

Unit 19 Pots Marsh Industrial Estate, Eastbourne Rd, Westham, Pevensey BN24 5NH

Auto restoration serviceClosed now

For those interested in achieve significant savings on pre-owned parts for your classic vehicle, reaching out to a specialized classic car breaker in the [geoname_name] area is a great option. More info...


Unit 7, Appletree Trading Estate, Appletree Rd, Chipping Warden, Banbury OX17 1LL

Auto restoration serviceClosed now

If you want to economize a substantial sum on pre-owned parts for your vintage car, contacting a classic car breaker is a fantastic option to go. Located in the [geoname_name] region, this company is...

Huddersfield Spares Limited Classic Mini

Bridgecroft Mills, Tanyard Rd, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield HD3 4NB

Classic car parts supplierClosed now

Are you the proud owner of a classic automobile or are you fully absorbed in the search for used spare pieces to restore it? We highly recommend you to approach this vehicle dismantler as it delivers...

DK Engineering

Little Greenstreet Farm, Green St, Chorleywood, Rickmansworth WD3 6EA

Auto restoration serviceClosed now

Are you the proud possessor of a timeless automobile or do you find yourself fully absorbed in the search for preowned components to restore it? We strongly advise you to approach this vehicle dismantler...

Tuckett Bros

North Marston, Buckingham MK18 3PG

Auto restoration serviceClosed now

Do you own a junk classic vehicle or are you immersed in the search for used pieces for your classic automobile? We advise you to approach this breakers yard, since it delivers an enormous inventory...

Maranello Classic Parts

Unit B8, Thorpe Industrial Estate, Crabtree Rd, Egham TW20 8RN

Classic car parts supplierClosed now

Do you have an vintage car or are you immersed in the search for pre-owned spare-parts for your vintage vehicle? We advise you to approach this car breaker, since it offers an inmense inventory. They...