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Frequently Asked Questions

You have come this far, so you have a junk auto to sell or scrap or you may be looking for second-hand parts for yours, but you have doubts... well, you have come to the right place. Under these lines you will find answers to the most common questions in relation to vehicle scrap yards in the UK.

It is common for the term "breakers yard" to create some confusion. The same can happen with the word "car breaker", especially when compared to a salvage yard or a common scrap yard. In this FAQ we are going to discover what are the fundamental differences between both concepts.

Let’s talk about car breakers first. This term refers directly to the traditional scrap yards. It’s in these facilities where are received, disassembled every last part and resold old vehicles that can no longer circulate. In some cases they are even completely destroyed.

But, what’s the difference between auto breaking and auto scrapping? When we talk about "car breaking", we usually refer to the action of removing the parts in good condition from one car to be able to sell them later. As is known, almost all parts of an auto can be removed and reused in other vehicles. For example, windshields, body parts, tires, exhaust pipes... all can be disassembled to give life to other vehicles.

On the other hand, the term "car scrapping" usually has more to do with the entire process of selling or recycling (disposal) of a vehicle.

Although it may not seem like it at first glance, salvage autos, unlike undamaged vehicles, can sometimes save the buyer a great deal of money in a variety of ways.

Selling a salvage auto

Rather than wasting an enormous amount of pounds on a salvage vehicle that is no longer running smoothly, it’s often a better solution for the owner to sell it to a licensed scrap yard that is willing to offer you the maximum amount of money for your auto.

Real value of a salvage auto

There are many criteria that determine the money you will finally receive when you sell your car to a scrap yard. For example, the make and model of the auto, the year of manufacture and the general condition of the vehicle. A very old vehicle from a generalist brand in terrible condition is not valued the same as a premium car with few damages, they don’t pay the same.

Buying a salvage auto

Salvage autos are those that have received more or less severe damage to their structural or non-structural parts, but which could be used again on the roads after the pertinent repairs by a professional. In case you want to purchase a vehicle in these specific conditions, make sure the seller gives you all the details about the repairs the car has had and where they were done.

Purchasing auto parts

In case you need an used part for your vehicle, buying a second-hand part that comes from an authorized scrap yard that offers you the best guarantees can help you save a lot of money. Doing this will save you from purchasing the part directly from an official supplier, which is always more expensive, and at the same time having a good quality part, not to mention that it helps to reduce the environmental impact.

If you want to scrap your vehicle in an authorized scrapyard, you will have to present the following documents:

Personal identification

It is an essential legal imperative to offer a form of identification, for example a driver’s license or passport at the time of scrapping our vehicle, regardless of whether you have the V5C document.

Vehicle registration document (V5C)

The V5C is the UK auto registration document. It is undoubtedly the most important document you need to be able to scrap your vehicle. This document certifies that the owner is responsible for the auto and at the same time prevents an unauthorized person from selling his vehicle.


This is the yellow sheet of your auto registration document. He must show it when he wants to scrap his vehicle. Also, try not to forget to save your receipt from the Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF), since you will need all these documents to allow you to scrap your vehicle.

Simply put, "written-off" means that your car has been damaged so badly that it is deemed unfit for road use in the UK or that the repair of the vehicle would cost even more than the current second-hand price of the auto.

How can I tell if my car has been "written off"?

If your car has been "written-off", your insurance company will tell you directly. Additionally, they will inform you of how much they can pay you for your damaged vehicle. To know how much they can pay you for your "writte-off", you need to know that your vehicle is going to be included in a category. These categories are used to determine the extent of the damage your vehicle has received and thus know what your options are.

As everyone knows, a salvage car is a vehicle that has suffered some degree of damage to its structure or internal parts in the past. It may happen that you have suffered a traffic accident or that you have various dents or bumps on the body. In that case, it is possible to replace your affected parts so that you can be on the road again. Otherwise, these parts can be used for other cars.

You should know that salvage vehicles are classified into categories based on the degree of damage that has affected the car. These categories are: A, B, C, D, N and S.

Below these lines you will find a description of each category, verified by Then we will explain what the different categories are and what they can mean for the final value you can get for your car.

How to determine the category of my salvage vehicle in the UK?

  • Category A: The vehicle cannot be repaired. The entire auto has to be crushed.
  • Category B: The vehicle cannot be repaired. The body shell has to be crushed, but it is possible to salvage some parts from it.
  • Category C: The vehicle can be repaired, but it would cost more than the auto is worth.
  • Category D: The vehicle can be repaired, but it would cost less than the auto is worth.
  • Category N: The vehicle can be repaired following non-structural damage.
  • Category S: The vehicle can be repaired following structural damage.

There are several factors that can determine the final value of a salvage vehicle. For example, both the make and model of the auto are essential to calculate an initial value and get a minimum idea of the money you are going to make. Of course, it is important that you take into account the age of the vehicle and especially the aesthetic and operating conditions in which it is. By adding these factors together, you will be able to know if you will ultimately make more money selling the vehicle for salvage or if it is too bad even for you.

There are a couple of added factors to consider, such as the fluctuating price of the scrap metal on the market and the time of year you are selling your vehicle.

One of the many advantages of acquiring a salvage car is the price, which is much lower. Salvage vehicles can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of other used autos. Keep in mind that many insurance companies often write-off a vehicle even when it has no major chassis or mechanical defects.

It is essential that you consider several aspects before purchasing a vehicle with a salvage title. Here are our tips for buying one of these cars safely.

How to buy a salvage car safely in UK

  • Get all the possible details of the car. Please note that all salvaged autos are damaged to a greater or lesser degree. Get an in-depth understanding of vehicle damage categories.
  • Make every effort to personally inspect the vehicle. Try to see the auto you are bidding on. It is essential that you do this when dealing with a salvage car, because it may have damage that you need to see clearly to understand how much repairs could cost.
  • Talk to insurance companies beforehand. It may be difficult to insure your salvage vehicle. Try to know in advance the coverage you can get for your future car.
  • Pay attention to salvage cars stolen in your area. Note that if a stolen vehicle is not recovered within three weeks, the insurance company will pay the original owner and write-off the vehicle. On the other hand, if the car is finally found, it will likely be written off as salvaged.
  • Always make your purchase from trusted distributors. There are scrap yards in the UK with dozens of years of experience helping owners obtain very high quality salvage cars. Always look for the best guarantees and take your time to inform yourself.

Until a few years ago, scrap dealers required the V5C registration logbook, as it was the system they had to notify the DVLA that they were taking charge of the vehicle from then on. As a general rule, it is usual to continue with this procedure in the same way, since it is the simplest and almost all owners have their registration logbook. In addition, this document serves the scrap yard to certify that you are the owner of the auto, simply by checking the V5C with your photo ID.

Furthermore, it has been possible for some time to submit all information by letter to the DVLA (more information at For this, you will need to provide these documents:

  • your name and postal address
  • date of the sale
  • name and address of the scrap yard
  • the vehicle registration
  • make and model of the auto

Despite all this, it must be remembered that the V5C document makes the process much simpler for both the seller and the buyer. Not having it is not a legal impediment to carry out the transaction, but it can make it difficult. In addition to this, if the buyer’s intention was to salvage it or for uses other than scrapping, they could offer you a much lower price for your vehicle.

As happens when you sell the car to another owner, the moment the scrap yard has picked up your auto and you have signed the V5C document, it will no longer be of your property. Therefore, you don’t need to continue paying for your insurance and it is best to call your insurance agency to cancel it.

How to reclaim money from insurance when you scrap your vehicle

It doesn’t make sense for you to keep paying for your vehicle insurance when you no longer own it. Now is the time to review how much money you have prepaid for your insurance, because your insurer may owe you some reimbursements. Contact your insurance company after taking your vehicle to scrap and see if they have to refund some of your insurance money.

Can I also claim tax back if I scrap my vehicle?

Of course, you can also request a refund of taxes associated with your scrapped car. The condition is that you have a remainder of taxes paid in your account to claim. The usual thing is that they return the proportional part to the remaining months of tax already paid from the date on which the car has been scrapped.

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Intapart Ltd

London Rd, High March Industrial Estate, Daventry NN11 4ND

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Forest Auto Salvage

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Allparts Auto Salvage

65 Hillview Rd, Bonnybridge FK4 2ER

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Abc Auto Salvage

8 Dudley Rd E, Tividale, Oldbury B69 3HJ

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London Rd, Suton, Wymondham NR18 9SS

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H K Motors

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P & T Moore Ltd

The Leasowes, Steen's Bridge, Leominster HR6 0LR

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