Choosing the best scrapyard for your car in UK in 2022

It's a tough and even sad moment. Saying goodbye to your old car, the one you've enjoyed so much, the one that has taken you to so many interesting places and with which you've shared so many good times, is not easy at all. But at some point your old friend has to be retired and at that moment you might ask yourself: What now? What do I have to do with it? What do you do with a car when it doesn't work any more?

Well, the only thing you can do is to take it to the scrapyard, and that's what this article is about, how to choose the best scrapyard in UK in 2022, for your old friend to rest in peace at the end of its life.

What should I look for, when choosing the best scrapyard?


This is a point to take into account. There are a lot of scrapyards for cars in UK. But if the scrapyard is close to your home, better, especially if the car still works, and you decide to take it there yourself, as you will spend less gas to do it so.

Public Transport

In addition to being close, it is a very good idea that the scrapyard is well communicated. Remember that if you go driving the car, you won't be able to get back in it because it will stay there. So it should be easy to get back home. If the scrapyard is not well connected then you will have to persuade a friend to do you the favour of picking you up.

Do they collect the car for free?

Most of the scrapyards, they have free recovery service. So they will send a recovery truck to collect your old car. Try to find a scrapyard with this service and forget about the previous issues.

It should be scrapped only in an authorised recycling facility

If you're sending your car to the scrapyard, make sure it's an ATF (authorised recycling facility). These are the only places where you can hand in your car at the end of its life. Make sure that they provide you with the necessary paperwork and that they process with the authorities the final deregistration of the vehicle. Otherwise, you could get into trouble and be fined.

A few days after leaving the car at the scrapyard you must receive the COD (Certificate of Destruction) If you don't receive it, it's time to claim.

The price you will be paid

The price you can be paid for your old car depends on many factors, but especially on the price of materials on the global market. In times of low demand for materials, the compensation will be minimal, and some places may even ask for money if they have to collect the car themselves. Before sending your car to the scrapyard, ask as many establishments as possible to get a good deal. The price range can be surprising.

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