Car Scrap & Breaker Yards in Newton-on-the-Moor and Swarland Northumberland, England

The scenario you're facing could be like this: You reside in the vicinity of Newton-on-the-Moor and Swarland and possess a vehicle that has been in use for several years, but it requires some replacement parts to operate smoothly. However, you prefer not to spend a fortune on repairs. The ideal solution in this case lies in auto breaker yards, where you have access to used parts at unbelievable prices, along with great warranties. On the other hand, there's a possibility that your automobile is no longer functioning, and you wish to getting rid of it to buy another vehicle. In that case, you'll be pleased to discover that there are several businesses ready to collect your auto from your location and offer cash in return. Don't hesitate any longer! Take action now!

Best Newton-on-the-Moor and Swarland Car Scrap & Breaker Yards

Below this paragraph, you'll discover a list showcasing the leading car breakers at which you can get involved in discussions and make acquire for pieces in close proximity to Newton-on-the-Moor and Swarland. Furthermore, should you be seeking to locate a particular company or one that is nearest to your location, it is recommended scrolling further down.

Johns Car Parts
Johns Car Parts

3-4 Taylors Buildings, jubilee tce, Bedlington NE22 5PL

Auto parts storeClosed now 15.1 miles

The perfect approach to economize a lot of money on used pieces for your car is by contacting a breaker yard, and this is a great alternative in the Bedlington area. They are open Monday to Saturday.

Kens Auto Parts
Kens Auto Parts

9-11 Church St, Amble, Morpeth NE65 0DZ

Auto parts storeClosed now 5.9 miles

Located close to Amble, Morpeth, this breaker yard delivers a specialized and skilled service to its buyers, providing significant deals combined with unparalleled quality and an vast range of inventory. To contact them, you have the option of employing phone as way(s) of communication.

TMS Motor Spares Ltd Alnwick
TMS Motor Spares Ltd Alnwick

3a, Willowtree Industrial Estate, Alnwick NE66 2HA

Auto parts storeClosed now

You can economize large amounts of money on the maintenance of your well-liked auto by buying used pieces with guarantee in this leading in Alnwick surroundings business. They are open Monday to Saturday.

Cramlington Car Parts Limited
Cramlington Car Parts Limited

High Pit Rd, Cramlington NE23 6RB

Auto parts storeClosed now 18.6 miles

This business is located near Cramlington (United Kingdom) and it's delivering high quality vehicle parts to its eventual purchasers in the proximity. If you need to inquire an estimation for your old auto or ask for a particular used piece, you can contact them via website and phone.

Swarland Motor Parts Ltd
Swarland Motor Parts Ltd

16 Glebe Rd, Bedlington NE22 6JS

Auto parts storeClosed now 14.9 miles

Reduce a significant amount of money on maintaining your treasured auto by buying pre-owned spare-parts with guarantee in this leading in the neighborhood of Newton-on-the-Moor and Swarland breaker yard. They're open from Monday to Sunday.

Morpeth Motor Company Eurorepar Car Service Centre and Garage
Morpeth Motor Company Eurorepar Car Service Centre and Garage

Coopie's Lane Industrial Estate, Coopies Way, Morpeth NE61 6JT

Auto repair shopClosed now 12.2 miles

In the Newton-on-the-Moor and Swarland neighborhood, this prominent scrap yard offers an outstanding chance to reduce a significant amount of money on your vehicle maintenance costs by choosing for used parts with warranty. More info: Morpeth Motor Company Eurorepar Car Service Centre and Garage is open Monday to Saturday.

In Car Tunes
In Car Tunes

8 Avenue Rd, Seaton Delaval, Whitley Bay NE25 0DU

Auto parts storeOpen now 19.8 miles

Located in the neighborhood of Newton-on-the-Moor and Swarland, this renowned scrap yard provides an excellent opportunity to reduce a significant amount of money on your vehicle maintenance expenses by choosing for pre-owned parts with warranty. Additional information: They are open from Monday to Saturday.

NPA Motor Factors Ashington
NPA Motor Factors Ashington

7 Freeman Way North Seaton Ind, Ashington NE63 0YB

Auto parts storeClosed now 13.6 miles

Near Newton-on-the-Moor and Swarland, this establishment operates with the purpose of supplying top-notch spare parts for vehicles to its eventual customers in the local vicinity. If you have a pre-owned vehicle that requires a quote or if you need to inquire about particular pre-owned parts, you can conveniently contact them through their phone...

Kenton Auto Parts
Kenton Auto Parts

177 Kirkwood Dr, Kenton, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 3BE

Auto parts storeOpen now 22.8 miles

Positioned near Newcastle upon Tyne, this breaker yard offers a specialized and skilled service to its buyers, offering substantial discounts alongside unparalleled quality and an extensive selection of inventory. To get in touch with them, you have the option of utilizing phone as method(s) of communication.

Ashington Autospares Ltd
Ashington Autospares Ltd

146 Station Rd., Ashington NE63 8HE

Auto parts storeClosed now 12 miles

Situated in close proximity to Newton-on-the-Moor and Swarland, this enterprise serves the vicinity by providing high-quality spare parts for vehicles to its potential clients. If you find yourself in need of a price estimate for your used vehicle or have a specific request for a particular pre-owned part, you can easily contact them through their...

Get breaker yard spare-parts near Newton-on-the-Moor and Swarland

Do you have a motorcycle, a car or a truck and are you trying to locate breaker yards that can provide you good quality parts for your vehicle? You may be interested in optimizing your search a little more by checking the diverse categories that we have gathered. In this way, you will make sure that you contact a scrap yard that has in stock the type of spare parts you are looking for.

Car Scrap yards & vehicle breakers in Newton-on-the-Moor and Swarland by city, village, suburb or neighborhood

Most of the UK population lives in big cities, so we decided we could simplify the task of searching nearby car car breakers by showing the main towns. If this collection is not to your liking or you live in a more remote city, you can always go to the "View more" link to review the full list of cities.

Purchase in auto car breakers in nearby areas

We are sure that you could may have some interest in finding car breakers that are outside the urban nucleus of large cities. It´s all about these outer neighborhoods, where millions of residents also live and where there is the possibility of getting high quality used parts for your car. Please find below a list of the neighborhoods closest to Newton-on-the-Moor and Swarland.

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