Car Scrap & Breaker Yards close to Ponteland Northumberland, England

The scenario you're facing might be as follows: You reside near Ponteland and own a car that has been in use for several years, but it needs a few replacement parts to operate smoothly. However, you don't want to spend a fortune on repairs. The ideal solution in this case can be found in auto breaker yards, where you can find second hand parts at incredible prices, along with excellent warranties. On the other hand, it's possible that your vehicle is no longer operational, and you wish to getting rid of it to purchase a new one. If that's the situation, you'll be pleased to discover that there are several businesses willing to collect your car from your location and provide you with cash in return. Don't wait any longer! Act now!

Recommended Ponteland Auto Scrap Yards & Breakers

We are sure that both the map that you have on the right side of the page and the listing that you will find under these lines will help you locate in a few clicks the car breakers closest to your location in which you can get the cheapest car second-hand spares.

Johns Car Parts
Johns Car Parts

3-4 Taylors Buildings, jubilee tce, Bedlington NE22 5PL

Auto parts storeClosed now 9.7 miles

The perfect approach to economize a lot of money on used pieces for your car is by contacting a breaker yard, and this is a great alternative in the Bedlington area. They are open Monday to Saturday.

Cramlington Car Parts Limited
Cramlington Car Parts Limited

High Pit Rd, Cramlington NE23 6RB

Auto parts storeClosed now 8.1 miles

This business is located near Cramlington (United Kingdom) and it's delivering high quality vehicle parts to its eventual purchasers in the proximity. If you need to inquire an estimation for your old auto or ask for a particular used piece, you can contact them via website and phone.

B.V.P. Auto Parts
B.V.P. Auto Parts

3 Napier Rd, Swalwell, Newcastle upon Tyne NE16 3BS

Auto parts storeClosed now 7.7 miles

Close to Ponteland, this company operates with the purpose of delivering top-notch spare parts for cars to its eventual customers in the surrounding vicinity. If you have an used vehicle that requires a quote or if you need to inquire about particular pre-owned parts, you can conveniently get in touch with them through their...

My Car Cleaning
My Car Cleaning

2 Plummer St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 7AB

Car accessories storeOpen now 8.4 miles

Positioned close to Newcastle upon Tyne, this car breaker delivers a specialized and skilled service to its purchasers, providing significant deals combined with exceptional quality and an extensive variety of inventory. To reach out to them, you have the option of employing website or phone as way(s) of contact.

Premier Car
Premier Car

40A Heaton Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1SE

Auto parts storeClosed now 9.1 miles

Located in proximity to Ponteland, this company operates in the vicinity, providing top-notch spare parts for cars to its potential customers. If you require a quotation for your used vehicle or have a specific inquiry regarding pre-owned parts, you have the option to contact them through their phone.

Northumbrian Car and Commercial
Northumbrian Car and Commercial

Unit 22 Mercia Way Bells Close Ind Est, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 6UG

Auto parts storeClosed now 6.2 miles

Situated in close proximity to Ponteland, this establishment serves the surrounding area by providing premium vehicle spare parts for cars to its potential clients. If you find yourself in need of a quotation for your pre-owned vehicle or have a specific request for a specific pre-owned part, you can easily contact...

Jag Breakers  Jag Parts
Jag Breakers Jag Parts

Gradys Yd, Ponteland Rd, Throckley, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 9EP

Used auto parts storeClosed now

This business situated in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom), delivers a very specialized and efficient service to its purchasers, with great offers but without sacrificing the best quality and a huge diversity of catalog. You have the option to contact them using: phone.

Kenton Auto Parts
Kenton Auto Parts

177 Kirkwood Dr, Kenton, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 3BE

Auto parts storeClosed now 5.6 miles

Positioned near Newcastle upon Tyne, this breaker yard offers a specialized and skilled service to its buyers, offering substantial discounts alongside unparalleled quality and an extensive selection of inventory. To get in touch with them, you have the option of utilizing phone as method(s) of communication.

M a S Auto Parts
M a S Auto Parts

52 Chillingham Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 5BT

Auto repair shopClosed now 9 miles

The perfect way to avoid spending large amounts of money on used parts for your car is by visiting a car breaker, and this is a great option in the Newcastle upon Tyne surroundings. They work from Monday to Saturday.

Mobile In Car Entertainment
Mobile In Car Entertainment

164 Condercum Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 9JD

Car accessories storeClosed now 7 miles

If you're looking to minimize on the costs of taking care of your cherished vehicle, consider visiting this top-rated breaker yard in the Ponteland neighborhood. By purchasing used parts with a warranty, you can reduce a substantial amount of money. Keep in mind that They work from Monday to Saturday.

Buy auto breaker parts in Ponteland

Do you have a motorcycle, a car or a van and are you trying to locate auto breakers that can deliver you specific pieces for your vehicle? You may be interested in improving your search a bit by reviewing the diverse categories that we deliver. In this way, you´ll make sure that you contact a car breaker that has in stock the variety of parts you are looking for.

Car Scrap yards & vehicle breakers in Ponteland by town, municipality, suburb or neighborhood

Most of the UK residents lives in popular municipalities, so we thought we could facilitate the task of looking for nearby car scrap yards by showing the main locations. If this collection is not to your liking or you live in a more remote town, you can always go to the "View more" link to retrieve the full list of locations.

Purchase in auto auto breakers in nearby areas

We think that you might also want to locate car scrap yards that are not within the urban core of big locations. We refer to these outlying surrounding areas, where thousands of people also live and where there is the possibility of obtaining very good scrap parts for your car. Find under this paragraph a list of the neighborhoods closest to Ponteland.

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