Scrap Metal Yards near Highfield Bubwith, East Riding of Yorkshire, England

Do you happen to be the owner of an abandoned car that hasn't seen UK roads in years? Maybe your garage or basement is cluttered with useless metal junk occupying precious space? Maybe it's time to get rid of all this crap and while earn a few pounds if feasible. Underneath this paragraph and the subsequent ones, we will show you the best scrap metal recycling centers in close proximity to Highfield, where you can discard your scrap or even arrange for collection at your convenience.

Best Highfield Scrap Merchants Yard

In this section, you will find a detailed list of the best vehicle scrap metal yards nearby Highfield. These establishments are renowned for their services and can be easily contacted for any queries. If you have a specific business you want to explore or want to discover the closest one to where you are, we recommend continuing to scroll down for more options.


Wybeck Rd, Mannaberg Way, Scunthorpe DN15 8XF

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 18 miles

Neighbors of the Scunthorpe neighborhood can access an extensive inventory of vehicle scrap metal in this business. You can get in touch with them using: phone or website. The PPS METAL RECYCLING LTD. is open Monday to Saturday.

Sims Metal Castleford
Sims Metal Castleford

Lock Ln, Castleford WF10 2JU

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 19.3 miles

If you’re looking for the highest quality vehicle scrap metal near the Castleford surroundings, this scrap metal yard is a perfect choice to purchase them at a low price. You can contact them using: phone or website. They work from Monday to Saturday.

Gaskin waste recycling ltd
Gaskin waste recycling ltd

Unit 55a the old airfield, Heck and Pollington Ln, Pollington, Goole DN14 0BA

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 12.1 miles

Customers can visit this breakers yard in the neighborhood of the city of Goole (United Kingdom). Its main business area is the sale of auto spare-parts at the lowest prices in the surroundings and offering all the guarantees that you may require. In case you want to get in touch with them, you can do it by these means:...

YSV York Scrap Vehicles
YSV York Scrap Vehicles

Unit 19A The Gardens, Malton Road YO31 9TN, York YO32 9TN

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 12.7 miles

This scrap yard situated near the municipality of Stockton on the Forest, York (United Kingdom), delivers a very qualified service to its customers, providing surprising discounts but with the highest quality and a large diversity of inventory. You have the possibility to get in touch with them via: phone.

LAS Metals Ltd scrap metal merchants
LAS Metals Ltd scrap metal merchants

44 Midland Rd, Scunthorpe DN16 1DQ

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 19.6 miles

Interested parties can locate this scrap metal yard close to the environs of the town of Scunthorpe (United Kingdom). Its preeminent business model is the distribution of auto parts at the best prices in the surroundings and with all the warranties that you may wish. In case you need to get in touch with them, you can do it by these...

B & K
B & K

50 Colin Rd, Scunthorpe DN16 1TT

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 19.5 miles

If you are looking for the best vehicle scrap metal in the Scunthorpe neighborhood, this scrap yard is a perfect option to get them at a low price. You will be able to get in touch with them using: phone. The B & K is open from Monday to Saturday.

York Scrap Car Buying Co
York Scrap Car Buying Co

1 Wigginton Rd, Clifton, York YO31 8JG

Salvage yardOpen now 12.9 miles

The best approach to get a lot of money by marketing used pieces from your auto is by visiting a scrap yard, and this is a great choice in the York neighborhood. They're open from Monday to Sunday.Other visitors have left 2 thoughts about this business.

D S Metals
D S Metals

Dutch River Side, Goole DN14 8BJ

Breaker yardClosed now 8.5 miles

This scrap yard is situated near Goole (United Kingdom) and it's distributing high quality vehicle pieces to its eventual purchasers in the proximity. If you want to request a quote for your old auto in order to market its scrap metal for pounds, please contact them using phone.

Markham Metals
Markham Metals

Barton Ln, Armthorpe, Doncaster DN3 3AA

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 20.6 miles

This scrap yard placed in the town of Doncaster (United Kingdom), provides a very specialized and professional service to its purchasers, providing great offers but with the best excellency and a huge breadth of catalog. You have the possibility to get in touch with them via: phone.

Sims Metal Hunslet
Sims Metal Hunslet

Pepper Road, Leeds LS10 2NL

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 25.5 miles

This scrap yard is placed close to Leeds (United Kingdom) and it's offering high quality vehicle spare-parts to its eventual purchasers in the vicinity. If you need to request a valuation for your old car in order to market its scrap metal for money, please get in touch with them using phone or website.

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Purchase in metal treatment centers in neighboring areas

We think that you may also be interested in visiting scrap merchant yards that are outside the urban nucleus of large cities. We refer to these outlying surrounding areas, where thousands of residents also live and where it is possible to purchase or sell your vehicle scrap metal. Here is a list of the districts closest to Highfield.

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