Scrap Merchants Yard near Kimpton Test Valley District, Hampshire, England

Are you in possession of an auto that has been off the roads in the for an prolonged time? Alternatively, is your parking area or cellar filled with unneeded junk that takes up precious space? Perhaps it's time to get rid of all this clutter and, if feasible, make some extra cash from it. Here and those that follow, we will give you with a compilation of the top scrap dealers near Kimpton, where you can dispose of your metal scrap or even organize for convenient collection at your door.

Most recommended Kimpton Scrap Merchants Yard

The list that you will find under this text displays the most prominent metal treatment centers which you can locate and do business in Kimpton. Also, if you are aimed to locate a specific business or the one closest to your placement, we recommend that you keep scrolling down.

Rawlings L Ltd
Rawlings L Ltd

Beechcroft/Ludgershall Rd, Andover SP11 9AF

Breaker yardClosed now

You will be able to talk with the friendly owners of this scrap yard by these methods: phone. In order to buy high quality vehicle scrap metal in the city of Andover (United Kingdom), they are an ineluctable choice. The Rawlings L Ltd is open from Monday to Friday.

Pewsey Metals
Pewsey Metals

68 Wilcot Rd, Pewsey SN9 5EL

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 10.4 miles

The perfect method to obtain a lot of money by selling old parts from your auto is by visiting a breaker yard, and this is a great option in the Pewsey surroundings. Additional info: They are open Monday to Saturday.Other users have shared 4 opinions about this breakers yard.

Lamb and son recycling
Lamb and son recycling

Breamar, Old Shaftsbury Drove, Salisbury SP5 4JS

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 13.3 miles

The best way to gain large amounts of money by marketing second-hand parts from your vehicle is by visiting a breaker yard, and this is an excellent option in the Salisbury neighborhood. They're open from Monday to Saturday.Other visitors have left 5 thoughts about this business.

S Metal Recycling Ltd
S Metal Recycling Ltd

23, 24, Wynford Industrial Park Plot, 25, 27 Belbins, Romsey SO51 0PW

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 16 miles

If you are looking for the best vehicle scrap metal near the Romsey surroundings, this scrap metal yard is an excellent option to obtain them at a low price. You will be able to contact them using: email, phone or website. They are open from Monday to Saturday.

Noons Scrap Metal & Dismantlers
Noons Scrap Metal & Dismantlers

Linden Dairy, Hollom Down Rd, Salisbury SP5 1BP

Salvage yardClosed now 7.9 miles

Customers can locate this scrap yard near the proximity of the town of Salisbury (United Kingdom). Its major business model is the distribution of scrap metal at the lowest prices in the area and offering all the guarantees that you may expect. In case you want to contact them, you can do it by these means: phone or website.

Grist Environmental
Grist Environmental

Lavington Station Yard, Littleton Panell, Devizes SN10 4EL

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 17.9 miles

This scrap yard is placed in Devizes (United Kingdom) and it's offering high quality auto parts to its eventual purchasers in the vicinity. If you want to request an estimation for your used car in order to sell its scrap metal for pounds, please contact them using website or phone.

Coopers Metals Scrap Metal Merchant
Coopers Metals Scrap Metal Merchant

Oaktree Field Caravan Site, Odstock Rd, Salisbury SP2 8BX

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 15 miles

Located close to Salisbury (United Kingdom), this business focuses in offering premium automotive parts to buyers within the area. If you're curious in getting an appraisal for your used auto to trade its scrap metal for financial profit, you can effortlessly get in touch with them through: phone.

SprintShift Metal Recycling collection service only scrap metal
SprintShift Metal Recycling collection service only scrap metal

SP10, North Way, Andover SP10 5RW

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 6.6 miles

Positioned near Andover (United Kingdom), this enterprise specialises in offering high-quality vehicle components to buyers in the area. If you're interested in getting an appraisal for your second-hand auto to dispose of its junk metal for monetary gain, you can easily get in touch with them through: phone.

Williams Metals Recycling Ltd
Williams Metals Recycling Ltd

Louisville, Little Salisbury, Pewsey SN9 5NB

Breaker yardClosed now 9.7 miles

If you are looking for the best vehicle scrap metal close to the Pewsey surroundings, this breakers yard is a perfect choice to obtain them at a low price. You can get in touch with them using: phone and website. The Williams Metals Recycling Ltd is open Monday to Friday.

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Do you have a motorcycle, a car or a truck and are you looking for car breakers that can offer you valid spares for your vehicle? You may be interested in optimizing your search a little more by accessing the different categories that we deliver. In this way, you will make sure that you contact a car breaker that has the variety of parts you are looking for.

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We believe that you may also be interested in finding vehicle scrap metal yards that are outside the urban nucleus of large locations. We refer to these outlying neighborhoods, where thousands of residents also live and where it is possible to get or sell your scrap metal waste. Please find below a list of the districts closest to Kimpton.

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