Scrap Metal Yards close to Ash-cum-Ridley Sevenoaks District, Kent, England

Do you own an exhausted auto that hasn’t been on UK roads for many years? Or maybe is your garage or basement full of old scrap metal that you no longer want and that steal inestimable space? Maybe it’s time to get rid of all this crap and at the same time sum a few money for it if possible. On this page and the ones that follow, we are going to provide you the most visited scrap metal yards in Ash-cum-Ridley in which you’ll be able to market your scrap metal or even ask them to come and collect it at your door.

Most recommended Ash-cum-Ridley Scrap Recycling Centers

The list that you will find below these lines gathers the most known metal treatment centers which you can visit and do business in Ash-cum-Ridley. Also, if you are aimed to find a specific recycler or the one nearest to your location, we recommend that you keep scrolling down.

Spartan Metal Recycling
Spartan Metal Recycling

Oliver Road, Grays RM20 3AS

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 8.3 miles

The finest way to gain large amounts of money by selling second-hand spare-parts from your car is by visiting a car breaker, and this is a great option in the Grays surroundings. The Spartan Metal Recycling is open from Monday to Saturday.Additionally, you can check 12 thoughts left by our visitors.

Bromley Scrap Metal Recycling
Bromley Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrubs Farm, Lower Gravel Rd, Bromley BR2 8LL

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 11.3 miles

This scrap metal yard is placed in Bromley (United Kingdom) and it's delivering the best quality vehicle parts to its eventual clients in the vicinity. If you need to request a quote for your used auto in order to sell its scrap metal for pounds, you can get in touch with them using phone and email.

Car scrap experts
Car scrap experts

51 Gunn Rd, Swanscombe DA10 0JW

Scrap metal dealerOpen now 6.2 miles

This business is situated in Swanscombe (Kent) and it's distributing high quality auto parts to its potential customers in the area. If you need to inquire a valuation for your old car in order to sell its scrap metal for money, please contact them using website, email and phone.

Best Scrap Car Buyers
Best Scrap Car Buyers

39 Livingstone Rd, Gravesend DA12 5DW

Closed now 5.4 miles

The best way to get a lot of money by marketing old pieces from your vehicle is by contacting a scrap mtal yard, and this is a great option in the Gravesend neighborhood. More information: They are open from Monday to Sunday.This business has been voted 1 times by our visitors.

Scrap My Car Ltd
Scrap My Car Ltd

3 Canal Rd, Gravesend DA12 2RW

Scrap metal dealerOpen now 7 miles

Do you have an old vehicle that is no longer able to circulate and are you looking to get a few money for the metal of its body and accessories? We recommend to approach this business, since it is possible that they could be interested in your vehicle. More information: The Scrap My Car Ltd is open Monday to Sunday.

Scrap my vehicle medway
Scrap my vehicle medway

Twydall Enterprise Centre, unit r-s, 256, Lower Twydall Ln, Gillingham ME8 6XX

Scrap metal dealerClosed now

Situated close to Gillingham (United Kingdom), this company specialises in providing premium vehicle components to customers within the area. If you're interested in acquiring an appraisal for your second-hand vehicle to trade its scrap metal for cash, you can conveniently reach out to them through: website, email and phone.

Benfleet Scrap Co.
Benfleet Scrap Co.

Cement Block Cottages, Grays RM17 6ER

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 8.7 miles

This business placed near the city of Grays (United Kingdom), delivers an highly professional service to its customers, offering attractive bargains but with the best quality and a huge variety of catalog. Visitors have the possibility to get in touch with them via: website.

SELMCOM LTD Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Buyers
SELMCOM LTD Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Buyers

2a Wellington Ave, Sidcup DA15 9HG

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 11.2 miles

Neighbors of the Sidcup area can access a gargantuan inventory of second-hand spare-parts in this business. You can contact them via: email, phone or website. The SELMCOM LTD Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Buyers is open from Monday to Saturday.

A2 Breakers | Scrap My Car | Recovery
A2 Breakers | Scrap My Car | Recovery

Merry Chest Cafe & Bar, Bean, Ebbsfleet Valley, Dartford DA2 8AH

Scrap metal dealerOpen now 5.5 miles

You can talk with the helpful managers of this breakers yard using these means: phone and website. In order to acquire the best quality auto pieces in the city of Dartford (United Kingdom), they are an inescapable option. The A2 Breakers | Scrap My Car | Recovery is open from Monday to Sunday.

RJS Group Metals
RJS Group Metals

Larkspur Rd, Chatham ME5 0RR

Scrap metal dealerOpen now 9 miles

The best way to get a lot of money by selling used parts from your car is by visiting a scrap yard, and this is a great choice in the Chatham surroundings. They are open Monday to Sunday.Other visitors have shared 1 opinions about this scrap yard.

Buy scrap metal yards close to Ash-cum-Ridley

Do you own a motorcycle, a car or a truck and are you looking for scrap metal yards that can sell you specific spares for your vehicle? You may be interested in optimizing your search a bit by accessing the diverse categories that we deliver. By doind this, you will make sure that you contact a scrap yard that has the variety of parts you are looking for.

Metal Treatment Centers close to Ash-cum-Ridley by city, village, suburb or neighborhood

Seeking scrap metal can be inconvenient if you have to travel far. That's why, it's advisable to search for scrap yards close to your residence. To aid you in this endeavor and make it more convenient, we have gathered a list of the prominent towns in the Ash-cum-Ridley region where you can find these recyclers. Additionally, you can click on the "View more" button to check the complete list of places.

Purchase in vehicle scrap metal yards in neighboring areas

We think that you may also be interested in locating vehicle scrap metal yards that are out of the urban nucleus of large cities. We refer to these outlying neighborhoods, where millions of people also live and where it is possible to obtain or sell your metal. Please find below a list of the neighborhoods closest to Ash-cum-Ridley.

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