Scrap Yards & Car Breakers near St. Anthony-in-Meneage Cornwall, England

There exists a lot of reasons why your auto can end up in a auto breaker, but undoubtedly your goal in that case is to get as much money as possible for it or, at the very least, that it does not cost you money to collect it. It is also possible that your vehicle needs some spares to keep rolling on the British roads, but you do not want to throw away too much money on this. Below you will locate contact information for all auto breakers in the St. Anthony-in-Meneage area where you can do this and much more.

Most valued St. Anthony-in-Meneage Scrap Yards & Car Breakers

The collection presented below consists of the most reputable breaker yards that you can establish contact with and engage in business in St. Anthony-in-Meneage. However, should you desire to locate a specific establishment or the one nearest to your whereabouts, we suggest you proceed with continuing to browse below.

T Ware & Sons
T Ware & Sons

Heather Bank, United Rd, Redruth TR16 5HT

Breaker yardClosed now 10.9 miles

Situated in the vicinity of St. Anthony-in-Meneage, this company specializes in the distribution of superior spare parts for vehicles to its potential customers. Whether you need to get a quotation for your used vehicle or seek a specific pre-owned part, contacting them via website, phone or email is the best way to get in touch.

Chaneys Scrap
Chaneys Scrap

Wheal Prosper House, Twelveheads, Truro TR4 8SN

Breaker yardClosed now 11.6 miles

It’s easy to economize large amounts of money on the maintenance of your well-liked vehicle by buying used pieces with guarantee in this eminent in Truro neighborhood business. More information: They're open Monday to Saturday.

G P Harris Scrap Metal & Vehicle Recovery
G P Harris Scrap Metal & Vehicle Recovery

11A Plain-An-Gwarry, Redruth TR15 1HU

Breaker yardClosed now 12.1 miles

If you are looking for the best used parts in the Redruth area, this business is a great choice to purchase them at a low price. You will be able to contact them using: phone or website. They're open from Monday to Friday.

Malcolm Drew Ltd
Malcolm Drew Ltd

Malcolm Drew Ltd, Carharrack, Redruth TR16 5HT

Salvage yardClosed now 10.8 miles

Near St. Anthony-in-Meneage, this establishment operates with the purpose of delivering high-quality spare parts for cars to its eventual customers in the surrounding vicinity. If you have a pre-owned vehicle that requires a quote or if you need to inquire about particular pre-owned parts, you can conveniently get in touch with them via...


Drews Yard, United Rd, Carharrack, Redruth TR16 5HT

Car breakersClosed now 10.8 miles

Located in proximity to St. Anthony-in-Meneage, this enterprise operates in the surrounding area, providing premium vehicle spare parts for automobiles to its potential customers. If you want an estimate for your pre-owned vehicle or have a specific inquiry regarding used parts, you have the option to get in touch with them via their website...

Wheal Alfred Metals Recycling Ltd
Wheal Alfred Metals Recycling Ltd

Wheal Alfred Rd, Hayle TR27 5JT

Breaker yardClosed now 14.5 miles

You can talk with the welcoming managers of this scrap yard by this way: website or phone. In order to purchase the best quality auto parts in the municipality of Hayle (United Kingdom), they are an ineluctable option. More information: They are open Monday to Saturday.

A2B Recovery
A2B Recovery

Shambles Cottage, Greenbottom, Chacewater, Truro TR4 8QH

Breaker yardClosed now 12.4 miles

If you are looking for the best second-hand spare-parts in the Truro surroundings, this scrap yard is a great choice to purchase them at a great price. You can contact them using: phone. Additional information: They are open from Monday to Friday.

Andrews Used Commercials
Andrews Used Commercials

The Grove, Wheal Busy Ln, Chacewater, Truro TR4 8NT

Breaker yardClosed now 12.9 miles

In order to reduce your expenses on taking care of your cherished automobile, explore the option of buying pre-owned parts with a guarantee from this highly regarded breaker yard in the St. Anthony-in-Meneage neighborhood. Additional info: They are open Monday to Friday. You have the convenience to access their services at your convenience...

Sims Metals Camborne
Sims Metals Camborne

Beta Works, Foundry Road, Camborne TR14 7XB

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 12.2 miles

In the vicinity of St. Anthony-in-Meneage, this business is dedicated to the distribution of first-rate spare parts for vehicles to its customers in the surrounding area. If you are in need of a quotation for your pre-owned vehicle or have a particular request for a used part, you can easily contact them via phone.

Orchards scrap Yard
Orchards scrap Yard

Chosen View/United Rd, Redruth TR16 5HT

Scrap metal dealerClosed now 10.7 miles

Located in the neighborhood of St. Anthony-in-Meneage, this prominent auto breaker offers an outstanding opportunity to reduce a significant amount of money on the car maintenance costs by choosing for used spare parts with warranty. Additional information: They work from Monday to Saturday.

Buy scrap yard second-hand parts in St. Anthony-in-Meneage

Do you happen to be the possessor of a motorbike, a cargo truck, or a van and require car breakers who can provide authentic spare parts for your car? It might be beneficial to refine your quest by checking out the various sections we provide. In this manner, you can verify that you reach out to an car dismantler who has the specific kind of spares you need.

Scrap yards & auto breakers in St. Anthony-in-Meneage by city, village, suburb or neighborhood

You are probably looking for vehicle dismantlers in a specific city or its adjacent region. Just underneath this paragraph, you will uncover an assortment containing various primary municipalities in London where you can find these specialized breakers. In the event that the desired city is not visible, simply click on the "See more" link to gain access to the complete compilation.

Locate scrap yards in the surrounding areas

We believe that you may also be interested in locating scrap yards that are outside the urban nucleus of large municipalities. We refer to these outlying surrounding areas, where thousands of people also live and where it is possible to get good quality second-hand parts for your car, motorcycle, truck or van. Please find below a list of the neighborhoods nearest to St. Anthony-in-Meneage.

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