Scrap Yards & Car Breakers in Torridge District Devon, England

Locating a dependable auto breaker who can offer you with attractive prices for premium used spare parts for your vehicle is not always an easy task. Likewise, finding a business who takes care for collecting your vehicle, which is no longer roadworthy in Torridge District, and gives a fair sum for it can be a challenging endeavor. On this page, we aim to address these obstacles and extend our support, whether you are interested in selling or buying.

Top Torridge District Scrap Yards & Car Breakers

Using the map handily located to your right and the all-inclusive inventory provided below, we rely that you'll easily find the breaker yards in adjacent to your current whereabouts, permitting you to conveniently acquire the most economical second-hand parts.

A J Metals
A J Metals

Weekstone Farm, Holsworthy EX22 7JB

Breaker yardOpen now 8.9 miles

Neighbors of the Holsworthy neighborhood can check a gargantuan catalog of second-hand pieces for their cars in this scrap yard. You can get in touch with them via: phone. A J Metals is open from Monday to Friday.

SWM & Waste Recycling Limited
SWM & Waste Recycling Limited

Clovelly Rd, Bideford EX39 3QU

Breaker yardOpen now 8.1 miles

Near Torridge District, this company operates with the purpose of providing top-notch vehicle spare parts for cars to its eventual customers in the surrounding vicinity. If you have an used vehicle that requires a quote or if you need to inquire about specific pre-owned parts, you can conveniently get in touch with them through their...

Bude Metal Recycling
Bude Metal Recycling

Rollstone Bungalow, Poughill, Bude EX23 9HH

Breaker yardOpen now 9 miles

Based in the vicinity of Torridge District, this enterprise specializes in the distribution of superior spare parts for vehicles to its potential customers. Whether you need to request a quote for your used vehicle or seek a specific used part, contacting them via phone is the best way to get in touch.

SWM & Waste Recycling Limited
SWM & Waste Recycling Limited

Stony Bridge, Knowle, Braunton EX33 1HR

Breaker yardOpen now 16.6 miles

For significant savings on the maintenance of your treasured vehicle, look no further than this well-known breaker yard located in Torridge District's neighborhood. By choosing for pre-owned parts with a guarantee, you can save. They're open from Monday to Saturday. This schedule ensures convenient service for all your car...

SWM & Waste Recycling Limited
SWM & Waste Recycling Limited

South Molton Metals, Hacche Ln, Quicks Close, South Molton EX36 3EH

Breaker yardOpen now 25 miles

This business is placed close to South Molton (United Kingdom) and it's providing the best quality auto spare-parts to its potential customers in the proximity. If you need to inquire an estimation for your used car or ask for a specific used part, please contact them by using phone or website.

Andrew P Mitchell Caravan Dismantler & Breakers
Andrew P Mitchell Caravan Dismantler & Breakers

Fern House, Vicarage Road, Lankey, Barnstaple EX32 0JR

Salvage yardOpen now 17.5 miles

Placed in the proximity of Torridge District, this business specializes in the distribution of superior vehicle spare parts to its potential customers. Whether you need to request a quote for your used vehicle or seek a particular used part, reaching out to them via phone is the ideal way to contact.

Rundles Scrap Yard
Rundles Scrap Yard

Redmoor Rd, Kelly Bray, Callington PL17 8EJ

Scrap metal dealerOpen now 30.1 miles

Save a significant amount of money on taking care of your beloved auto by purchasing pre-owned spare-parts with guarantee in this prominent in the neighborhood of Torridge District auto breaker. They're open Monday to Friday.

Bideford Scrap Metal
Bideford Scrap Metal

Venn Cottages, 1, Barnstaple EX31 3HQ

Scrap metal dealerOpen now 12.8 miles

Do you keep an old car or are you looking for used parts for your auto? We advise you to approach this scrap yard, since it offers an inmense catalog. Additional info: Bideford Scrap Metal is open from Monday to Sunday.

Rundle's Dismantlers
Rundle's Dismantlers

Redmoor Rd, Ho Chi Minh City, Callington PL17 8EJ

Car breakersOpen now 30.1 miles

Situated in vicinity to Torridge District, this establishment operates in the vicinity, delivering premium spare parts for vehicles to its potential customers. In case you require a quote for your used vehicle or have a specific inquiry regarding pre-owned parts, you have the option to contact them via their phone.

Launceston Car Breakers
Launceston Car Breakers

Sunnyside, Under Ln, Launceston PL15 8SN

Scrap metal dealerOpen now 21.7 miles

The perfect approach to avoid spending a lot of money on used pieces for your auto is by visiting a scrap yard, and this is a great option in the Launceston area. They work from Monday to Saturday.

Find scrap yard second-hand parts in Torridge District

Are you the possessor of a motorcycle, a truck, or a van and in need of auto dismantlers who can supply you with authentic parts for your vehicle? It may be advantageous to enhance your search by exploring the different classifications that we provide. This way, you can guarantee that you reach out to an auto breaker who possesses the specific spare parts you require.

Scrap yards & vehicle breakers in Torridge District by city, municipality, suburb or neighborhood

Surely you are looking for auto breakers in a specific city or in its surrounding area. Below this text you will find a list with various of the most prominent cities in Torridge District where this type of business can be found. If the city you are looking for is not listed, go to the "See more" link to access the full list.

Scrap Yards & Car Recyclers in Torridge District by areas

If your information need is clearly limited to a district belonging to a city, we also provide a list at your convenience for that. Here you will locate some of the most prominent metropolitan areas in Torridge District, but if you click on the "See more" link, you´ll receive full access to all existing ones.

Find breakers yards in the surrounding areas

In our view, you might have an interest in discover car breakers situated in the outskirts of notable urban centers. We are specifically talking about these suburban areas, where a considerable residents likewise resides and wherein it is possible to find high-quality used pieces for your car. Enclosed is a complete list of the neighboring districts nearest to Torridge District.

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